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Teeth Whitening


Both the SunnaSmile at-home and in-studio teeth whitening treatments use the power of blue LED light technology combined with a signature, professional Xyliprox whitening gel at varying strengths, to reveal your whitest smile yet (up to 5 shades whiter). These treatments are entirely natural, bacteria fighting, sensitivity-free and enamel-safe. The in-studio treatment is more powerful and immediate; delivering stunningly whiter teeth in just 20 minutes.

For maximum whitening results in just 5 days, you can follow up your in-studio appointment with the at-home treatment.

Full retail: $150

Products available in store


The Advanced Home Whitening Kit is sensitivity-free, enamel-safe and includes the SunnaSmile Professional Strength Xyliprox gel and light. You can use the kit on it’s own at home preferably while you watch Netflix. 

Includes: Led light, detachable tray, 50 ml whitening gel pump, travel case, shade guide, extra battery.

Full retail: $129

Smile Prep is a miracle paste that will have your mouth feeling fresh and pearly white, as if you just came from the dentist's chair. Multi-action cleaners remove unsightly plaque and reduce tartar build up. Sensitivity Free. See Immediate Whitening. Add a pea sized to your toothpaste for up to 5 days in a row initially. After, use as needed about 1-2 times a week and prior to each SunnaSmile whitening treatment. 

Full retail: $55


Coconut Sea Salt Mouthwash: For a smile purified by tropical waves this plant-powered mouthwash formula harnesses the energy of coconut and sea salt for optimum freshness and oral health. Coconut prevents plaque and tooth decay. Sea Salt strengthens gums and fights bad breath. This mouthwash is alcohol and fluoride free and has a delicious tropical flavor. Use twice daily for best results.

Full retail: $16

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